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Chances are you already know me.

If you know me from my voice over world, that is quite an ocean away from this piece of my puzzle.  What I love to do, is write poetry.

Writing is what has helped saved my sanity. For that reason, if there is someone out there who is challenged I encourage you to journal, read poets, and allow yourself any essential dive into the creative arts.

Since moving to Nashville I’ve been lucky to be a founding member of the Lucille Clifton Collective, an open writing circle that meets at the Global Education Center usually the second Saturday of each month 10 - 12 pm.

From this I was invited to become a part of a devoted group of poets with consistent attention to improving our work through co-critiques. Since our schedules only allowed us to meet on Sundays, we’ve dubbed ourselves Poetry Church.

From both of these groups, public readings and tutoring have emerged, as well as the fulfilling sense that I’d found my tribe.  I write in gratitude for my fellow poets.

If you are interested in becoming a part of poetry writing group with a focus on social issues, please contact me.  I’m not sure where this shall lead, but hopefully we’ll raise awareness for something larger than one can personally imagine.

email me for more information:   

please reference the email with POETRY in the subject line, thanks.

A few selections from the recorded cd A TOUCH OF PIZZAZZ

I choose to live in a less virtual world, however below is my:

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“Maybe what startles us awake in the night, is the soul’s way of making requests.  Writing poetry can bring us answers.” ~ paa
“A poet will do what a poet can do.” ~ Bill Moyers